Jan. 15, Tues from 12pm to 5pm

Are you a little hungry? Do you want to Learn about the Community Advocacy Union (CAU)? 

Come by the Cultural Center and have a snack and meet with Community Advocacy student worker, Eshe Shukura (eks09@hampshire.edu) and learn about the CAU! Drop-in anytime for a 10-15min meeting!

The Community Advocacy Union supports identity/social wellness-based communities at Hampshire College. The Union serves as a hub for students spread information on group events, discuss and work on campus issues, and facilitate inter-group dialogue. The Union critically address issues and actively attempt to make decisions that fight against oppression.

Happy new year, beautiful people. Our tumblr posts will now be featured on the Community Advocacy facebook, so like our page to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Check us out!We’re hard at work preparing for next semester! :) 

Check us out!

We’re hard at work preparing for next semester!

In case you were wondering…Here’s the staff for Community Advocacy!

Community Advocacy:

Melissa Scheid Frantz, assistant dean of community advocacy mscheidfrantz@hampshire.edu

Melanie Mulvey, assistant to community advocacy

Community Health and Wellness:

Jessica Gifford, director jgifford@hampshire.edu

Multicultural & International Student Services: 
Melissa Scheid Frantz, director

Rochelle “O.C.” Gorman, assistant director

Queer Services and Women’s Services|:
Emily Rimmer, director

Spiritual Life:

Liza Neal, director of spiritual life

Rabbi Rachel D’vash Schoenfeld, coordinator of religious identity and political intersections

Susal Stebbins Collins, contemplative life coordinator

Syma Sheikh, intercultural community advisor

Hey Div IIIs!

Are any of you guys doing your DIV IIIs on intersectionality?