Hey Everyone!

The CAU had a great semester! We’re ending on a strong note!
We accomplished so much and can’t wait for spring so that we can meet even more of you guys!

For a semester’s recap:

::We took on the task of following up with the work that has been started on Identity Based Housing and focused our attention on trying to create accesible documentation with the Housing Office.

::We created an anti-racist Hampshire Halloween checklist, and saw more people than ever  discussing and attempting a safe and anti-culturally appropriative Halloween!

::We shared our hopes and gave input about the future of the Multicultural dean position. 

::We participated in the planning process of the new Student Government Alliance. 

All in all, pretty epic! 

Stayed tuned for updates about how you can get involved next semester! 
If anything, send us an email at commadvocacy@gmail.com